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As a business and executive sales coach, Milton will give you encouragement, guidance, accountability and motivation to help you change what you’ve always done to get the success you’ve always wanted. He will help to maximize your potential. To get results, you have to be willing to invest in yourself, your business and your growth to expand to new levels.



How Can Milton maximize your Company’s Potential?

  • He will show you how to increase your profits and grow SALES
  • Will work with you to implement strategies in the core sales process that will increase revenues and improve cash flow
  • Create a competitive analysis that will help you beat the competition
  • Improve and develop business processes to help you get a larger market share within your industry
  • Improve your sales team and help you expand geographically
  • Create development tools that will allow you to raise capital and drive into new markets

Business today is more fast paced and complex than ever before. This is your time to take action.

*Call for a free consultation at 732-306-0040 or, so you can focus on your goals and achieve greater results.


Why is a Business Consultant Important in the Current Economy?

Coaching is a very important function in the business world especially with the challenging economy and the fast pace changes that take place. Many professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and presidents of small and medium-size companies need to think out of the box to get ahead in business. So using services such as this and Pherrus will help those businesses thrive in their climate.

Milton J. Paris, the President, has been a successful business coach for many years. As a coach, he’ll work with you to set realistic goals and most importantly achieve results. When he works with clients, he has many unique and excellent qualities to make sure that you stay focused on core needs to drive sales. He is detached and able to see the big picture.

Milton is a successful executive coach because he has the ability to stand firm, to communicate and is able to relate to most any business situation. He is inspiring, an effective delegator and a solid negotiator.

Milton will help change any negative person in to a positive thinker, which is very crucial in getting ahead in business. When you have Milton as your coach, it’s like having a captain of a ship helping to navigate you on the right course.

Milton Paris provides Consultation/Coaching and Sales Training services primarily in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.


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