Delete Your Negative Thoughts

Business people who have negative thoughts always will have negative results and never be successful or reach their goals in life. Negative thoughts distract your focus from what is important and drain your energy.

Like a computer, our mind was programmed to work at its best. Over the years, as we confront adversities that attack our well-being, such as viruses, we lose our optimism. When a virus attacks a hard drive or our bodies, neither work properly.

Let’s scan our thoughts and bring our mind up to date with only positive thoughts. This way, as a business person, you can go out there and achieve your goals with a positive mind.

As a business person, your mind may be going constantly with negative thoughts that you have to learn to overcome. You can have the fastest computer, but if you install the wrong software it will not function properly. Our mind is like a computer, and it is time to delete these negative thoughts, eliminate the viruses, and reprogram our minds with positive software. With a negative mindset, a business owner will not succeed. Business people need to have an optimistic outlook to make sure they reach their future goals. Business owners should be thinking about the long term plans for their business. For example, are you going to form an LLC with your business or look into business incorporation? If anyone is unsure of these terms, they could always read this llc vs inc comparison. That should help business owners to understand the difference, allowing them to choose which one they want to make their business into.

Working with many business people over the years I have heard the following negative behaviors and remarks:

  • Complaining
  • Cannot do
  • It will never happen
  • Blame others for our failures
  • I will never be successful
  • I will never achieve my goals
  • I will never get the raise that I deserve
  • Why are other salespeople being promoted?

Have you had any of the limiting thoughts below? I encourage you to scan your thoughts for similarities and hit the delete button if you find them. If your thinking is limited, then your life and business will be limited. This negativity can hold business owners back from making vital decisions that will aid the company’s growth. Of course, it can be frightening to make some decisions as a business owner, as there is always the possibility of failure. However, with the help of scenario planning software from Synario, business owners will be able to see the outcome of their decisions on a financial model beforehand. This can help the business owner to make impactful decisions, ensuring that the business grows. This should remove some of that negativity, allowing businesses to thrive. Software like that can make a big difference, however, it’s important to ensure that the software is as secure as possible. Businesses can do this by looking into some of the security solutions that Mirantis offers. That should ensure that software remains secure, whilst not comprising the performance of the software.

I remember working with a client whose wish list included owning a Rolls Royce. One of his partners told him, “You will never achieve that wish and buy that car.”

I said, “Delete your partner’s negative remark.”

Six months later, he picked me up in his dream car.

Soon it came time to take my own advice on a similarly lofty goal. My dream mode of transportation wasn’t a classic with four wheels on a road, but a saddle, some spurs, and a gallop beside a rambling trout-filled river.

My dream was always to be a cowboy and live out west. Until recently, I travelled that area only for business. Two years ago, I started taking horseback riding lessons, but all my friends and relatives discouraged me, saying, “You will never learn to ride.”

After taking lessons for three months from one of my clients, I grew proficient in riding. I was becoming a cowboy with my hat, chaps and boots, like I always dreamed. To complete the picture, I needed to head out to Montana. Again, everyone said, “Are you crazy? You will never go.”

My wife, Susan, and I flew out west to Bozeman, MT, and I rustled cattle every morning for five fabulous days. I finally had become a cowboy. But what did I have to do to get there? Delete all those negative remarks.

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Milton J. Paris is a sales coach, public speaker and president of How to Get Ahead in Business.

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