Did You Achieve Your Goals This Year?

It’s that time of year again! Yes, for shopping, giving, and celebrating, but also for reflection, taking stock, and drafting our resolutions for 2016.

Did you write your resolutions last year? If so, have you fulfilled your goals as you envisioned them last December? I’m about to ask my friends and clients the same questions. While I know I will have a fair share of positive responses, I also know I will be hearing some excuses. Many business owners, managers, sales people, and entrepreneurs can be expected to offer variations on the following excuses:

I started, but I did not reach the goals I set for myself. I procrastinated in achieving my goals, and here it is the end of the year! I started too late to think of my goals. I wrote my goals down, got involved with another project, and never looked at my list. The goals I set for myself were out of reach, so I got discouraged and quit trying.

Now’s the time to pull out the list of resolutions you wrote last year and see if you made any headway on achieving them. If you did, congratulations! Let’s move on to building on those goals to even greater achievements! If not, it’s not too late reassess your goals and strategies to try again, excuse-free!

Here is an iron-clad program to help you reach your goals in 2016. Let’s make this year successful! Are you ready? Get your pen and pad and try the following:

  • Be Specific
  • Make your goals reachable
  • Be positive
  • Choose a time frame to reach each goal
  • Purchase a large size wall calendar for your office and a pocket calendar (or your iPphone) and write on each month when you feel you can achieve your goal. For example, if you are a salesperson on commission and your income goal for 2016 is $250,000.00 write on the calendar how much commission you would have to make each week.
  • If you want to purchase a new car by a certain month, mark it on your calendar. Even if you have to work overtime or harder, just do it.

I have followed this program all my life and it has always helped me to achieve my goals, but we all know just making a list is not enough. Achieving our goals requires the right virtues, values, and chutzpah. Author Jim Owen, who appears in Cowboy magazines I subscribe to, lays out several virtues that can be beneficial to achieving your resolutions in “The Code of the West”.

The Code of The West by Jim Owen

What It Takes To Win At Life

  1. Live Each Day With Courage
  2. Take Pride In Your Work
  3. Always Finish What You Start
  4. Do What Has To Be Done
  5. Be Tough, but Fair
  6. When You Make a Promise, Keep It
  7. Ride for the Brand
  8. Talk Less and Say More
  9. Remember That Some Things Are Not For Sale
  10. Know Where to Draw The Line

If you are a gambler bet someone who doubts you can achieve your goals $1000 and you will surely walk a winner. Remember nothing is impossible. If you need help in achieving your goals e-mail Milton: milton@gettingaheadinbusiness.com or 732.306.0040.