Elevator Pitch

As a sales consultant, I have attended hundreds of chamber meeting and networking events, including Getting Ahead in Business Meet N’ Greets. I have noticed that when business people do their 30-60 second elevator pitch, 85% make mistakes with their presentations. Here are some examples:

  1. Speaking longer than the 30-60 seconds allocated
  2. Including stories in pitch that have nothing to do with the subject
  3. Not facing the audience
  4. Reading from their notes
  5. No emotion when speaking
  6. Praising other business people
  7. Pitch is inconsistent from week to week
  8. Not prepared


Here is the correct way:

  1. Keep within your allocated time
  2. Stay focused on name of company, your title, products and/or services offered and who your target audience is.
  3. Face the audience and increase eye contact with those present
  4. No notes. You should know all the information about your company
  5. Be proud of your company and show positive thinking
  6. Do not praise others while you are discussing you and your company. Stay focused
  7. Keep your pitches uniform, unless you have a special announcement
  8. Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”