Restaurant Consulting

Milton J. Paris is a member of the NJ Restaurant Association and is an expert in growing your restaurant, bar or catering business!

Our restaurant consulting services offered:

  1. Public relations to brand a restaurant, bar and catering facility
  2. Create a master target list of companies in surrounding areas
  3. Generate e-mail list for retention and new business marketing
  4. Editorial in magazines and newspapers
  5. Introduction to more customers
  6. Promote venue for corporate meetings
  7. Set-up a free food tasting
  8. Promote to local adult communities
  9. Event planning
  10. Co-op with neighboring businesses: hotels, theaters, car wash, gas stations, etc.
  11. Co-op with vendors
  12. Offer discounts to seniors, policeman, fireman, military
  13. Offer Lunch and Learn seminars at your restaurant
  14. Promote with local Chambers
  15. Strategies to promote better deals with your vendors
  16. We do the leg work like nobody else!
  17. Telemarketing*, Radio, Business Meet & Greets are additional services offered.
    *We interview Staff & Customers to gather their ideas, solutions and challenges.

Call for a free consultation at 732-306-0040 or, so you can focus on your restaurant, bar or catering goals and achieve greater results.