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Getting Ahead in Business Sales Training Program 2018

Milton Paris is proud to serve as a Sales Training Partner to Corporations, Salespeople, and Entrepreneurs with over 40 years of sales experience.

We offer clients custom solutions designed to produce immediate performance, improvement and drive significant revenue increases. The more consistently you’re able to make a profit the more your business will be worth on the whole; you can contact business valuation services to keep track of this and plan for the future of your company.

Clients are turning to Getting Ahead in Business to gain the visibility into their sales organization necessary to remain on track or make course corrections to achieve their business objectives.

Proven Sales Training Methodology

They benefit from our proven sales training methodology which is customized to their unique environment, whether it is nationally or globally.

No sales team will reach its full potential without effective sales training. Whether you are hiring new salespeople or looking to advance your existing sales team, a good sales training program can improve areas of weakness, improve effectiveness and boost confidence. As well as this, you can potentially help improve sales within your business, just by doing a quick search into Salesforce ActiveCampaign connection and seeing how combining software can assist with efficiency, marketing automation and build stronger relationships with customers.

Learn the complete in and outs of sales, you can get a glimpse of the stats by going to

Getting Ahead in Business will start with assessment tests that highlight areas of strength and weakness in your sales team. They utilize this to develop a course that addresses your specific needs. There are customized training courses in a few areas of specialty:

  • “Client-Centered Sales” is a consultative sales training program that helps sales reps to position themselves as experts and win the trust of their prospects and customers.
  • “The Art of Cold Calling and Telephone-Based Sales” is another course offered. Paris shares his expertise on how to best use the phone as your primary sales communications channel. As part of this course, the benefits of using voice api and other audio streaming software will be discussed in detail. In addition, you will learn how to engage buyers in the first few seconds of the call, resolve objections, add value to each stage, secure follow-up calls and more.


  • Prospecting
  • Developing trust and credibility
  • Identifying the buyer’s problems
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Selling value
  • Closing the sale, obtaining referrals and repeat business.

Milton also offers a number of 1 and 2-day courses that cover such topics as sales conversations

(How to interact with a client), sales negotiation, complex sales training and more. Paris focuses on sustained sales training programs by first consulting with managers, then administering sales training programs for the sales team.

Milton has worked with the following industries:

  • Manufacturing/retail sales training
  • Professional services sales training
  • Media and advertising sales training
  • Software and IT sales training
  • Financial services and Banking services
  • Food Services