Business & Sales Consultant:

We’re business consultants that help our clients achieve goals. We’ll work with you as an individual or within your company. Once we isolate your needs, we’ll work together to avoid obstacles and grow sales.

For the past 40 years we have worked in the following fields:

  • Increasing Sales and Revenue
  • Sales Training & Development
  • Sales Consulting
  • Business Consultant and Business Coach
  • Business Development & Executive Strategic Planning
  • Time Strategies/Time Management
  • Marketing and Advertising Consultant
  • How to network effectively
  • Employee Selection Consulting
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Management Team Development
  • Customer Service Improvement
  • Eliminate fear of public speaking
  • How to prepare, learn and deliver effective speeches with confidence.
  • How to eliminate procrastination
  • Business Plans
  • Online & Offline Marketing Services (see details)

What is really unique about us?

If you don’t have the time or expertise to go into the field with your salespeople, engage Milton to go on the road with them. He’ll be their business coach, consult them on closing sales and will help you evaluate their capabilities in opening accounts and increasing revenue.

We’ll custom tailor our services to fit your needs and to accomplish your goals


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