Telemarketing Services


We Represent Your Brand

Getting Ahead In Business specializes in providing individual contact with your customers. We maximize your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to make each of your programs as profitable as possible.

Founded in 1975, Getting Ahead in Business believes that exceptional performance is a function of exceptional people, exceptional tools, exceptional training, exceptional measurement and most importantly exceptional expectations.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service at the most competitive price possible. At the center of every business is the customer.


We are Experts in Your Business

Industry Focus
Getting Ahead In Business’ main focus is provided out sourced, high quality customer contact services to those companies looking to reach new customers.

Our clients include many of the best known brand names in a wide variety of industries.

Our specialty is in providing friendly, courteous service to their customers.

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About Us
For more than 40 years, Getting Ahead in Business has been providing contact center services to companies of all sizes.

As the customer facing voice of your brand, we see ourselves as an extension of your company and we take that responsibility seriously.


We Have the Experience That You Need

Call Center Operations

Getting Ahead In Business views that excellence in call center operations is essential to the existence and success of such a business.

We view the critical success factors as follows:

  • Prospect and customers interactions must be pleasant, professional, accurate, expedient, and must comply with all business rules and guidelines specified.
  • Account Management should be proactive by closely monitoring the program utilizing robust monitoring and reporting capabilities across all lines of support.
  • The call center must meet or exceed all service level metrics designated for the business and ensure that interactions are not just handled well, but processed quickly.
  • The call center must achieve the goals stated above while managing client and company resources efficiently to control costs.
  • We have former executives, doing our calling, that have worked in all industries.

This is how we view our commitment to all of our clients, and this is exactly what we will deliver for you. Contact us for more information.