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Getting Ahead in Business with Milton J. Paris

• Sunday 11:00am – 12:00pm

• Listeners want to hear more about how to Get Ahead In Business !

• Milton features experts in a variety of fields...from financial to medical, from fitness to entertainment; each show is

designed to give Fox Sports NJ listeners expert information & guidance on sales training & how to increase your bottom line in your business by being competitive with your daily routine of working on your business ...instead of working in your business

• Milton has a client database of over 20 distinct industries focused on varied products / services

• Milton helps listeners who are in business with advice on how to not only survive, but thrive in the current economy.

• Milton J. Paris has been on the radio for the past 15 years.

• Milton’s motto has always been “Nothing is impossible”

• As one of Milton’s featured sponsors of Getting Ahead in Business you will be able to speak to the listeners who are looking for guidance in your industry –

• Your guest appearance & sponsorship will increase awareness for your products or services

• As a guest on Getting Ahead in Business you will build credibility for your business with the

FOX Sports New Jersey listeners every Sunday 11am-12noon


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